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Always Chasing the next tenth. The next modification. The next scream to redline. Novice or experts, join our pursuit to enjoy the best cars on the road.

Built For Redline

Who We Are

Built For Redline is a small group of enthusiasts just like you! We like cars of all kinds: shitboxes, exotics, sleepers and everything in between. If you’re a gear head novice, our mod talk blog will bring you up to speed! For experts, join the ride as we want to extract every bit of potential out of our rides. We do it all from power mods, suspension mods and technology mods! 

What do we do?

We celebrate our unified love for cars! Newcomers can learn about cars on our mod blog, while veteran gear heads can enjoy watching what others do to their rides We welcome new gear heads with our mod blog to help people get up to speed. Veteran gear heads are welcome to join the ride as we try to extract all the performance from our cars. No matter where you stand, feel free to watch my perilous journey as I venture out to create the best drivers car.

E46 M3 with S65 motor
The Built For Redline Developement Center

Okay, secret time: We don’t have a “center” per se. However, we are regularly developing new products to share with gearheads like you! We currently have over five products in the works. Some of our projects are unlike anything we can find on the internet.

Watch Everything Unfold in Real-Time!

Watch it all unfold in real-time! See how a series of poor financial decisions can turn into a fun automotive lifestyle full of mods,  track days, electronic retrofits and tons of other shenanigans.

Programming BMW E46
Learning for Novices

Cars are complex machines. The car community can sometimes gatekeeper upcoming car enthusiasts because they’re still learning about cars. We’re trying to build a cohesive guide to help car fans of all levels to grow into walking automotive pros!

Show Off Your Ride!

We are always in pursuit of the craziest, most wild builds on the road. If you have an unconventional build that you want to share with the world, put your build on display and have it featured on the channel!

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Our Hottest Videos

N54 Swapped E30

Eavan is no stranger to engine-swapped E30s. However, when he picked up this white 318is, he decided he wanted steer away from the traditional LS swap and did one of the first N54 swapped E30s! 

The biggest feature missing that really dates your classic BMW is the lack of Bluetooth! BlueBus uses your factory headhunt to bring modern smartphone integration.

With a few easy clicks, you can fully unlock your engine computer! Change throttle response, adjust camshaft profiles, target engine temperature and more!

So you got this cool BMW E46 and now you want to put M3 seats in? I'll show you how it's done in under five minutes.

The 330i calipers and rotors bolt right onto any other trim E46 BMW. It's an easy way to increase the thermal capacity of your brakes, and get some bigger brake bling.


Eye Candy Too?

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Research and Development Notifications

We will soon release details about some projects in the works. Be the first to hear about exciting updates and any progress made!